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Free download of all chord charts from 

A Sure Hope: Hymns of Romans

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The songbook contains sheet music for voice and piano, with chords labeled above. Lead sheets are also included in the back.

Singing A Sure Hope in Your Church

If you are interested in singing any of the songs from A Sure Hope in your church, we created a new video series just for you. We walk through each song, explaining the story of the lyrics and how to best play the music. Below is the video for one of the songs, "O Christ, What Burdens."


What is this project?

Making the stained glass window

The album artwork is an actual stained glass window we had commissioned. We wanted the cover to evoke the original Romans album artwork but rendered for stained glass window, to help capture the corporate nature of these songs. Sarah Monte, an artist in Nashville, took on this project for us and created a beautiful 2' x 2' panel. Take a look at the pictures below to follow her process.



(“O Lord, with shame” by Rachel DeVore Fogarty)

WORDS by Cody Curtis, John Berridge (“O Lord, with shame”),

Lazarus Spengler (“Our nature fell”), Anne Cousin (“O Christ, what burdens”),

Benjamin Beddome (“Who shall condemn and “Wait, O my soul”),

and Frances Havergal (“Take my life” and “Light after darkness”)

VOCALS by Thomas Griffith and Kelsie Edgren

GROUP VOCALS by Laura Griffith, Chris Stanos,

Clark Walker, Melody Curtis, Cody Curtis

INSTRUMENTS by Thomas Giffith (piano and guitar),

Brandon Hays (drums), Dennis Parker (guitar, mandolin, banjo),

Matt Knowles (electric guitar), Christian Harger (bass guitar),

Eleonore Denig (violin), Josée Weigand (violin), Patrick Monnius (viola),

Cara Fox (cello), Charles Lewis (flute), Doug Owens (oboe and clarinet),

Joey Moore (trumpet), Bill Van den Bosch (trombone),

Stephen Humphries (hammer dulcimer), Melody Curtis (piano), Cody Curtis (piano)


ORCHESTRATED by Cody Curtis (“O Lord, with shame”

by Rachel DeVore Fogarty and Cody Curtis)

PRODUCED by Cody Curtis and Thomas Griffith


ENGINEERED by Dewey Boyd and Cody Curtis

RECORDED at Forty-one Fifteen, Mattress Fort Studios,

and Covenant Presbyterian Church

MIXED by Dewey Boyd

MASTERED by Duncan Ferguson



Copyright © 2024 Cody Curtis Music. All rights reserved.


We are grateful for the support of all our patrons, with special thanks to the following folks:

Ruth & Sarah Baker

Isaiah Barker

Cole Barton

Matt & Brianna Bedzyk

Jonathan Bode

Rebecca Bontrager

Dan Boutross

Phil Bradley

Michael J. Briggs

John Briseno

Samu C.

Joanna Carter

Gino Castillo

Albert Chen

Justin Combs

Jeannette Cox

Lane Crouch

Ted & Cindy Curtis

Shelly V. Dehner

Levi DeLange

Klaas Dewaele

Jonathan & Lindsey Doud

Sue Elliott 

Jim Fleming

Hannah & Justin Flores

Charlie Forrester

Susanna Fox

Kelsey Gabel

Jake Garrette


Charles Gessner

Tom Gibbons

David Gillespie

Anaeli E. Gutierrez 

Amy J

Kenneth Harkenrider

Tommy & Carole Heil

James Elliot Hudlow

Megan Hurmiz

Christine Jensen

Noah Jimison

Barry L Johnson

Victoria Emily Jones

Daniel Kim 

Lauren Kowadlo

Chris & Jaimie Krycho

Kenny Leaf

Katie Luetchens


Bennet McLean

Matt McClure

Melissa Moore

George Moss

Josh Muehlendorf


Matthew O.

Joel & Melanie Owen

Spencer Parsons


Pleasant Plains

Baptist Church

Todd & Breanna Potter

Timothy Rogers

Hilliard Rotzler

Abraham Sanchez

Calvin Siler

Gabi Simas

Benjamin Spencer


Gage Warrick

Michael White

Connie Wiggs

Kris Wilson

Micah Wilson

Wouter Zwart

We dedicate this album to Jerry Dawson, a dear brother in Christ who passed away January 2024. His was the voice on our Jude album who said, "We wondered at times if God was able to keep us...or would he lose us." The Lord, indeed, kept Jerry till the end.

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