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Music composed and arranged by Cody Curtis.

Words written by Cody Curtis. “I am Better Than You” co-written 

by Shai Linne and Cody Curtis.

Orchestrated by Cody Curtis.

Produced by Cody Curtis and Thomas Griffith.

Engineered by Cody Curtis. Percussion engineered by David Key.

Additional engineering by Dewey Boyd.

Recorded at Mattress Fort Studios. Drums recorded at David Key Studios.

Additional recording at Forty-one Fifteen Studios.

Mixed by Dewey Boyd. Mastered by Duncan Ferguson.

Cover design by Cody Curtis

Artwork by Hester Cox.


Copyright © 2021 Cody Curtis Music. All rights reserved.

The Players 

Lead Vocals: Thomas Griffith and Kelsie Edgren

Additional Lead Vocals: Cody Curtis (Anthem of Rome), Rob Griffith (Finally...),

Homily (O Philippi), Taylor Leonhardt (Will You Go Down?),

Shai Linne (I Am Better Than You), Dennis Parker (Like Jesus),

and Andrew Peterson (Of Life and Death)


Flute: Clare Little

Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, and Saxophones: Doug Owens

Trumpet: Joey Moore

Trombone and Euphonium: Tony Isom

Violin and Viola: Grace Shaw

Cello: Ben Rico

Double Bass: Ben Rico and Josh Dougan

Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Fiddle, and Mandolin: Dennis Parker

Additional Acoustic Guitar: Shane Caver

Electric Guitar: Shane Caver, Jay Griffith, and Alex Evans

Bass Guitar: Rob Griffith

Upright Bass: Dennis Parker and Kevin Gift

Harmonium: Cody Curtis

Piano: Cody Curtis, Thomas Griffith, and Melody Curtis

Organ and Wurlitzer: Thomas Griffith

Electronics: Cody Curtis

Drums and Aux Percussion: David Key

Additional Percussion: Melody Curtis

Additional/Background Vocalists

Cody Curtis, Melody Curtis, Anna Jones, Dennis Parker (The River)

Melody Curtis, Madelyn Musser, Whitney Pendergrast (O Philippi)

Jay Griffith, Rob Griffith, Ben Rico (Behind Bars)

Kolby Atkins, Cooper Patrick, Austin Luttrell, Nick Zerfoss, Lucas Brogdon,

Joseph Wunrow, Josh Dougan (Anthem of Rome)

Jay Griffith, Thomas Griffith (Cityzens, Pts. 1-3)

Taylor Leonhardt (Complete My Joy)

Kelsie Edgren (Like Jesus)

Sabrina Warren, Lindsey Patterson, Kaylen Williams, Shelby Boggs, Leah Campbell, Madelyn Musser,

Kolby Atkins, Thomas Griffith, Jordan Mathenia, Joseph Wunrow (Hymnos Christou)

Brianna Gierling, Jodi Davis, Lexie Ryder, Parker Smith, Hanna Biskner, Leah Campbell, Shelby Boggs, 

Kolby Atkins, Cooper Patrick, Austin Luttrell, Nick Zerfoss, Lucas Brogdon (Anthem of Zion)

Cameron Smith, Kristina Hartshaw (I Am Better Than You)

Jay Griffith, Rob Griffith, Kimory, Lydia, Calli Anna Pendergrass, Elowyn Curtis, Rowan, Jordyn, Jonah, 

Micah, Seth, Hannah (Rejoice in the Lord)

Sabrina Warren, Madelyn Musser, Leah Campbell, Shelby Boggs, Kaitlyn Pindack,

Melody Curtis, Liz Vaughn, Anna Jones (Think of These Things)

Cody Curtis, Rob Griffith, Homily, Taylor Leonhardt, Shai Linne,

Dennis Parker, Andrew Peterson (The Delta)


Steve Beverly (The River)

Sabrina Warren (Behind Bars)

Cody Curtis, Davin Modisette, Melody Curtis

Katie Krebs, Whitney Pendergrass, Josh Krebs (Noise Feed)

Michael Lee, Madelyn Musser, Melody Curtis,

Thomas Griffith, Betsy Caceres, Katie Krebs (Breaking Noise)


Our album artwork is based on a print created by Hester Cox, entitled Waymarks: The Swale.

We are very grateful to her for letting us use her beautiful callograph.

Waymarks The Swale by Hester Cox



We are grateful for the support of all our patrons, with special thanks to the following folks:

Matt & Brianna Bedzyk

Alycia Berman

Paul Bischoff

T.J. & Leah Blankinship

Rebecca Bontrager

Phil Bradley

Ben Bredow

Michael J. Briggs

Ralph & Sharon Brink

John Briseno

Vivien Cai

Joel & Jo Carter

Gino Castillo

Justin Combs

Lane Crouch

Ted & Cindy Curtis

Levi DeLange

Lindsey Doud

Sue Elliott 

Hannah & Justin Flores

Charlie Forrester

Jake Garrette

Charles Gessner

David Gillespie

Ryan Gillette

Kenneth Harkenrider

Tommy & Carole Heil

Vi Hudlow

James Elliot Hudlow

Megan Hurmiz

Noah Jimison

Victoria Emily Jones

Lauren Kowadlo

Chris & Jaimie Krycho

Kenny Leaf

The Luetchens Family

Bennet McLean

Mike, Melissa, & Amelia Moore

George & Beverly Moss

Josh Muehlendorf

Bernabe Murguia

Nathanael & Laura

Benji Newell

Matthew O.

Joel & Melanie Owen

Tanner & Susie Parrish

Spencer Parsons

Kaitlyn Pindak


Jaime Rasmuson

Ben Roeder

Tim & Jenn Rogers

Conner Shelton

Calvin Siler

Gabi Simas

Benjamin Spencer



Gage & Haley Warrick

Amanveer Wesley

Kris Wilson

Prescott Wing

Celestine Yeiter

We dedicate this album to Juanita Whitehurst, 

a beloved sister in Christ who went to be with the Lord last year. 

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