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Music composed and arranged by Cody Curtis.

Words written by Cody Curtis. “I am Better Than You” co-written 

by Shai Linne and Cody Curtis.

Orchestrated by Cody Curtis.

Produced by Cody Curtis and Thomas Griffith.

Engineered by Cody Curtis. Percussion engineered by David Key.

Additional engineering by Dewey Boyd.

Recorded at Mattress Fort Studios. Drums recorded at David Key Studios.

Additional recording at Forty-one Fifteen Studios.

Mixed by Dewey Boyd. Mastered by Duncan Ferguson.

Cover design by Cody Curtis

Artwork by Hester Cox.


Copyright © 2021 Cody Curtis Music. All rights reserved.

The Players 

Lead Vocals: Thomas Griffith and Kelsie Edgren

Additional Lead Vocals: Cody Curtis (Anthem of Rome), Rob Griffith (Finally...),

Homily (O Philippi), Taylor Leonhardt (Will You Go Down?),

Shai Linne (I Am Better Than You), Dennis Parker (Like Jesus),

and Andrew Peterson (Of Life and Death)


Flute: Clare Little

Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, and Saxophones: Doug Owens

Trumpet: Joey Moore

Trombone and Euphonium: Tony Isom

Violin and Viola: Grace Shaw

Cello: Ben Rico

Double Bass: Ben Rico and Josh Dougan

Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Fiddle, and Mandolin: Dennis Parker

Additional Acoustic Guitar: Shane Caver

Electric Guitar: Shane Caver, Jay Griffith, and Alex Evans

Bass Guitar: Rob Griffith

Upright Bass: Dennis Parker and Kevin Gift

Harmonium: Cody Curtis

Piano: Cody Curtis, Thomas Griffith, and Melody Curtis

Organ and Wurlitzer: Thomas Griffith

Electronics: Cody Curtis