Organize a Hebrews Listening Party

If you're enjoying the Hebrews album and want to share it with others, we encourage you to host a Listening Party at your church. Find a night on your calendar for your church to listen to Hebrews together. Meet in your sanctuary or some other space that can project both audio and video. While the album is playing, display the lyrics on the screen for people to follow along. We've made the PowerPoint slides available for you to use, or you can purchase some of the ESV lyric booklets to distribute (if you choose this route, people can take them home with them). We're also working on making a video for you display, but more about that later!

with track numbers from the album

An Overview of the Book of Hebrews

c h a p t e r s    o n e    t h r o u g h    s e v e n


[1] In days past, God spoke to us through the prophets. But now, God has spoken to us by His Son, Jesus Christ. [2] Listen to him!


[3] Jesus is far superior to the angels. [4] If it was important for God’s people to obey the Mosaic law, which was proclaimed by angels, how much more should you listen to the word of salvation declared by Christ? [5] Despite Jesus’ supremacy, He humbled himself, becoming positionally lower than the angels by taking on human form. He did this in order to become both the high priest and the sacrifice for sins. [6] Jesus is due more honor than Moses, being more faithful as a Son than Moses was as a servant. [7] In Moses’ day, the Israelites failed to enter God’s rest because of their disobedience. [8] You also should be careful, lest you fail to enter God’s eternal rest. [9] Remember that the Word of God pierces as a word of judgment, revealing all our thoughts and actions.


[10] Since we have Christ as our great high priest, we should therefore hold fast to our commitment and draw near to God. Christ has been appointed after the order of Melchizedek. [11] I would like to tell you more about all of this, but your spiritual immaturity prevents me. You need to grow up, [12] for there is a real danger of falling away from God, which would be unimaginably terrible. [13] Nevertheless, as I recall your faithfulness in the past, I am confident that you will endure to the end. [14] As I was saying before, Jesus was appointed a high priest according to the order of Melchizedek, a better priestly line than that of Levi. Unlike the Levitical priests, Jesus never dies. He will always intercede for his people.