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Organize a Jude Listening Party

If you're enjoying the Jude album and want to share it with others, we encourage you to host a Listening Party at your church. Find a night on your calendar for your church to listen to Jude together. Meet in your sanctuary or some other space that can project both audio and video. While the album is playing, display the lyrics on the screen for people to follow along. Package comes with a link to complete lyric video not available to the public.




Music by Cody Curtis

("Hidden Reefs" based on the sea-shantey "Roll the Old Chariot")

Lyrics by Cody Curtis

Produced by Cody Curtis

Orchestrated and arranged by Cody Curtis

Engineered by Cody Curtis; drums and percussion engineered by David Key

Recorded at Mattress Fort Studios; drums and percussion recorded at David Key Studios

Mixed by Dewey Boyd at Forty-one Fifteen

Mastered by Taylor Bray

Artwork by Brooke Hendrick


The Players 

Lead Vocals: Thomas Griffith and Kelsie Edgren


Flute: Emily Savage

Clarinet: Dave McClune

Trumpet: Joey Moore

Violin and Viola: Grace Shaw

Cello and Double Bass: Ben Rico

Harmonium: Thomas Griffith

Piano: Cody Curtis

Electronics: Cody Curtis

Drums and Aux Percussion: David Key


Background Vocals on "Hidden Reefs":

Matthew Hampton, Richard Kidd, and Joseph Wunrow


Jerry and Linda Dawson

Carl and Wanda Dotson

Lanie and Juanita Whitehurst

Josh Edgren



We are grateful for the support of all our patrons, with special thanks to the following folks:

Anchor 1

J. Beebout

Brad Beyenhof

Duane Blevins


Faith Buan

Lane Crouch

Ted and Cindy Curtis

Andrew Edmiston

Ken and Sue Elliot 

Justin Flores

Mark and Sandra French

Noah Jimison

Victoria Emily Jones

Lauren Kowadlo 

Kenny Leaf

Karl Magnuson


The Mike Moore Family

Wynn Morris

The Moss Family

Melanie Neufeld

Pleasant Plains Baptist Church

Kaitlyn Pindak

Caleb Michael Powers


Nadia Schultz

Gabi Simas

Ryan Spencer

Barbara Videtich

Lanie and Juanita Whitehurst

Kris Wilson

Helen Zhao

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