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The New and Better Way is a fun, easy-to-read, and thought-provoking novel that teaches you about the Book of Hebrews from the Bible. Written to go along with the music from the Hebrews album, this fantasy/adventure story is a wonderful way for children, adults, and families to experience this important New Testament letter.


Follow the adventure of ANNA and JACOB, two Israelite children who are magically transported to the Horizon—the world between heaven and earth. In order to return home, they must travel the long, perilous road called “The New and Better Way” until they reach a mountain—well, actually two mountains—far in the distance. Along their journey, they meet several strange characters like Melchizedek, Balaam’s Donkey, and Hark the Herald (an angel), who teach them valuable lessons about priests, covenants, and, most importantly, the superiority of Jesus Christ. The message “He is better, Christ is better” resounds throughout this theatrical tale about the glory of the Son of God and the beauty of the New Covenant.


66 pages full of illustrations and handwritten notes.

The New and Better Way

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