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A Sure Hope: Hymns of Romans

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Romans vinyl

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Romans album cover
Image by Dan-Cristian Pădureț

Yes, we still make CD's.

Philippians CD

About us


PSALLOS IS A MOVEMENT that seeks to create adventurous and theologically rich music that edifies listeners with gospel truth.

Psallos' mission finds its shape most clearly in their albums based on New Testament epistles, the first of which was Romans in 2015. Since then, Psallos has released three other major records (Hebrews in 2017, Jude in 2019, and Philippians in 2021), with Church Songs, Vol. 1, a short EP of new congregational worship songs, appearing in 2016.

Long term, Psallos plans to set all 21 New Testament epistles to music. If you would like support their work, become a patron

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To contact Psallos, email us at

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