Welcome to our ABOUT page where you'll more...about...us.


Here's the short version.

We are a team of musicians committed to creating artistically excellent and worshipful music. Music that exemplifies an understanding of past and current musical styles but also seeks to move bravely ahead into the future. Our songs are intended to cultivate Christian worship in the heart of the listener, so that people clearly see the glory of the gospel of Christ as revealed in Scripture. The lyrics of our songs are meticulously weighed in accordance to what the Bible says. We want to teach people the word of God through music, and we want to do it creatively.

Now here's the longer version of our story.

Psallos was started in 2012 by Cody and Melody Curtis. After getting hitched in 2009, the married couple began their life together in Greensboro, NC, where Cody worked on his masters degree in music composition at UNCG. During this time, the Curtis' were growing in their understanding and love of Scripture, theology, and exegetical preaching. Cody even joined the team of pastors at their church (Shepherd's Fellowship of Greensboro) and had the opportunity to preach every now and then. 

The reality

They released their first album in 2012 called Slave Songs